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Subsurface Utility Engineering for LRT


A transit firm commissioned a number of large projects including a proposed LRT System.
multiVIEW was retained to provide comprehensive Subsurface Utility Engineering services to assist with the design of the proposed LRT System. 
The subsurface utility maps were generated to assist with siting layouts for the proposed stations, alternative road designs, potential parking and passenger entry/exit structures as well as to identify utility relocations.


Technicians mapped all underground utilities and infrastructure along the 17km stretch of road and almost 5km of utility mapping on side-streets and major intersections.
The field investigation included confirming the actual routing of all utilities depicted on the drawings provided by the various utility owners plus searching for additional plant not shown on these drawings.
The subsurface utility mapping study was completed over a 4-month period with all subsurface utility information captured by survey grade GPS measurements and plotted in digital format adhering to ASCE 38-02 guidelines.


Figure 1 shows the results for the Subsurface Utility Engineering Level ‘A’ study that was completed in one area.  The design team determined that precise horizontal and vertical definition of underground facilities was required.