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07 Nov

Dig Without Danger

In the latest issue of Utility Contractor Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW describes a step-by-step process for safe excavation that includes planning ahead, marking your site, respecting the marks and communicating effectively.

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07 Jun

Case Study: Real-Time Subsurface Data Empowers Safe Excavation

Harrington & Associates, a construction management company based out of Richmond Hill, leveraged Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to get real-time data on the location and depth of buried drain lines and HVAC ducts in the project area.

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05 Jun

Safe Excavation Starts with Awareness

39% of Ontario's utility damages are caused by insufficient excavation practices. In the latest issue of the Grand Valley Construction Journal, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW outlines key best practices for ensuring safe excavation on your next project.

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27 Mar

multiVIEW opens Kitchener office to expand service coverage across Southern Ontario

multiVIEW is pleased to announce the opening of its’ fourth office location in Kitchener, Ontario. The new location will allow multiVIEW to quickly deploy to deliver private and public utility locating services across the city and surrounding area, bridging the gap between the company’s existing Mississauga and London-based offices.

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20 Mar

Safe and Smart Concrete Scanning

In the latest issue of Heavy Equipment User Guide, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW discusses how Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is being applied for everything from imaging bridge decks to safely scanning concrete in public spaces.

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03 Feb

The Dangers Hidden Beneath

In the latest issue of Trenchless Technology Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW discusses the importance of implementing a cross bore safety program and the key components required to ensure program success.

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15 Nov

Safe Construction Starts with the Right Technology

In the latest issue of Construction Comment Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW discusses the advantages of Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning and how it is being applied to construction projects throughout the City of Ottawa.

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27 Oct

Our Hidden Infrastructure

In the latest issue of Ear to the Ground Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW discusses the growing role of Subsurface Utility Engineering in reducing risk and informing the design of large construction projects, including the Union Station Revitalization.

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07 Oct

multiVIEW Expands Presence in Southwestern Ontario

multiVIEW is pleased to announce the opening of its’ London, Ontario office. The strategically situated office location will allow the company to complete local contract-based work and quickly deploy to meet growing demand across Southwestern Ontario for utility locating, hydro-excavation and CCTV camera inspection services.

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13 Aug

GPR used to uncover "New Stonehenge"

Archaeologists now believe indications of huge stone pillars were actually made of wood, as excavations continue outside Durrington, Wiltshire.

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13 Jul

How GPR is becoming a standard tool in water main break repairs

City crews in Illinois use Ground Penetrating Radar to inspect voids under roads and sidewalks to determine the scope of repairs necessary following a water main break.

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27 Jun

Ground Penetrating Radar in the News

GPR has a long history in supporting police forensic investigations. Here is another example of applying geophysical imaging to help solve a missing person case.

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27 May

Training Day

It was great to see members of our Mississauga team take time during a training day to welcome the London Office to the multiVIEW family.

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13 Apr

European GPR Association Draft Guidelines for Ground Penetrating Radar for Pavement Surveys

The European GPR Association has posted Draft Guidelines for Pavement Surveys with Ground Penetrating Radar on the "Guidelines" Section of their website. Other GPR guidelines are also available.

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11 Apr

multiVIEW is Hiring - London, Ontario

Are you looking to start a new career with an exciting team? We have a variety of opportunities available for for qualified candidates.

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16 Feb

GPR used in Taiwan Earthquake 2016

When a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan, rescuers deployed Rescue Radar GPR manufactured by Sensors & Software Inc. to assist in locating trapped victims.

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30 Nov

Your Winter InSights eNewsletter

A History of multiVIEW Locates, Geoservices & A-Cubed from the Internet. Plus: Industry News, Concrete Structural Condition Photos from the field, and more...

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04 Jun

Mapping Bedrock - Case Study

Furthering on the discussion of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as an innovative technology that is increasingly utilized in infrastructure imaging, GPR has a long, successful history as a primary Geophysics tool. This latest Case Study explores the common use of GPR for imaging and profiling bedrock.

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24 Apr

Effective Data Processing is Critical to Project Success

North American Infrastructure challenges have been well documented. In the United States alone 600,000 national bridges have an average age of 42 years with one in nine rated structurally deficient according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

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13 Feb

multiVIEW Locates Inc. adds showcase page to Facebook

multiVIEW is proud to join the Facebook community. Applications for Ground Penetrating Radar and other Geophysical surveying methods continue to grow. Facebook allows us to showcase the latest trends.

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19 Jan

Combining GPR and Coring Data, a discussion with Construction Executive Magazine

The combining of Ground Penetrating Radar data with traditional Infrastructure Coring creates a powerful data set for managing and prioritizing bridge maintenance and rehabilitation projects. Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW explains further in the latest edition of Construction Executive, Tech Trends.

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21 Oct

Contaminated Soil Testing Casts a Wider Net in Guelph

Construction of a water main remains at a standstill as engineers with the City of Guelph have ordered a new and expanded round of testing for potentially contaminated soil. The expanded round of testing comes after electromagnetic scans and ground penetrating radar revealed seven possible sites along Wellington Street West that could contain large metal objects as well as several smaller metal objects along the water main's projected route.

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13 Aug

RoadMap GPR highlighted in Public Works Magazine

multiVIEW's non-destructive infrastructure inspection technique is featured in the latest issue of Public Works Magazine. Our RoadMap GPR solution reveals deterioration, cracking, delamination, corrosion and other factors along bridges and highways that may otherwise remain undetected.

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28 Jul

multiVIEW to Showcase RoadMap Technology at 2014 APWA International Congress

multiVIEW, a leading professional services firm that specializes in near-surface geophysics today announced that it will be showcasing its patented RoadMap Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology at the upcoming APWA International Congress & Expo, Booth #1643, August 17th-20th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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14 Jul

Talking Road Rehabilitation with ReNew Canada Magazine

In the latest issue of ReNew Canada Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW talks about taking a new approach to an old problem in order to prevent the premature and unexpected failure of roads and bridges.

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20 Jun

multiVIEW profiled in Canadian Underground Infrastructure Magazine

Studies show that utility records and visible feature surveys can be 15 to 30 percent off the mark. In the latest issue of Canadian Underground Infrastructure, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW, describes the effectiveness of SUE in preventing damage to underground utilities.

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19 Jun

Recognizing Locator Safety Awareness Week

June 22-28 is Locator Safety Awareness Week (LSAW), an initiative spearheaded by Damage Prevention Professional Magazine in conjunction with the National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) that is aimed at keeping utility locators safe on the job.

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16 May

Follow our new LinkedIn Showcase pages for the latest industry-specific news

We’ve created Showcase pages specific to Subsurface Utility Engineering and Non-Destructive Infrastructure Inspection.

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13 May

multiVIEW profiled in Ottawa Construction News

The latest issue of Ottawa Construction News profiles multiVIEW's expansion into the National Capital Region.

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09 May

multiVIEW expands presence in the National Capital Region (NCR)

multiVIEW today announced that it has expanded its presence in the National Capital Region (NCR) to meet rising demand for utility locating, subsurface utility engineering and infrastructure inspection.

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07 May

multiVIEW unveils new web presence

Developed with the user in mind, the new site offers easier navigation, a clean and minimalistic design, enhanced content, interactive features and mobile responsive functionality.

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06 May

multiVIEW featured in Building & Construction Canada Magazine

Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW discusses the role of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in ensuring safe and reliable transportation infrastructure.

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17 Apr

Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW talks to ReNew Canada Magazine

In the latest issue of ReNew Canada Magazine, Kevin Vine, President of multiVIEW, provides insights into the elements of a successful SUE program.

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03 Apr

RoadMap service featured in Ottawa's Construction Comment Magazine

We're excited to be featured in the Ottawa Construction Association's Magazine. Check out page 22 to read how non-destructive testing supplements traditional inspection methods to support informed maintenance-related decisions.

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26 Mar

multiVIEW turns 25

Looking back on over two decades of change and evolution.

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